Smiles and Music from the beginning.

My first memories of Ellen Jayne start with being in the children’s choir at Crown Heights as a little girl and she was our director. She always had a smile as she tried to make us sound wonderful. And donT forgeT To enunciaT the T!!! I enjoyed our Christmas and Easter pageants as a youngster at Crown Heights with her.

As time went on I took voice lessons and managed to do well at the contests she took her students to. Even though I wasnt planning on majoring in music, she kept my interest as a high schooler, even though I was singing in Italian!

She was good friends with my parents, Hubert and Eugenia Hunt, and I remember when we we lived in England in the mid 70s, Ellen Jayne, J Clyde and another church family came to visit us. There were lots of tours and laughter while everyone was visiting. Ever since that visit the favorite quote seemed to be If its Wednesday this must be Paris!

I am glad we kept up through the years on famly events. My last smile was 2 years ago my own children and I spent some time with her as she needed help to take some Christmas decorations down from the attic. After helping and visiting with her, she ran through her house trying to give all of us gifts of appreciation. Always smiling always sharing!

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