Pickin’ Peaches

I believe it was around 1970, Ellen Jayne (mom) thought it would be a good idea to go pick peaches at an orchard in northeastern Oklahoma near my grandparents home. This would have been July or early August. I had to put on a long sleeve shirt and long pants to keep the peach fuzz off of me. You picked your own peaches and it was cheaper by the bushel. I climbed up peach trees and put the peaches in a peck basket and then emptied them into a bushel basket. It got hot quickly and I got itchy. By the second tree I wanted to quit. But mom wanted more peaches. I was miserable by the end. Hot and itchy don’t mix. After we were done we went to grandma Maris’ and had to peel peaches and cook peaches and can peaches. I had nightmares about peaches after that. I’m surprised I still like peaches today. Mom and Grandma’s canned peaches and peach butter were the best, but I never picked peaches again.

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