On The Cutting Edge

Grandmommy was always determined to keep up with current technologies. Between her iPad, MacBook, Klavinova, and Kindle she was well versed in modern technologies, especially in relation to her peers. I’m not sure whether her love of learning or her accessibility to technical support (myself, my sisters, my wife, my father, etc.), were more responsible for her confidence and willingness to learn to use these devices. She was always determined to be on the cutting edge.

My role in her technical life was mostly support—I was her 24/7 computer hotline. Often I would get a call from her that would start with a question, and while I would mentally prepare an answer for her, she would have already figured out the solution. These were my favorite technical calls. Others involved walking her through very difficult processes over the phone. Sometimes, I would have to replicate her issues on my own devices at the house in order to provide accurate examples during our communications. It’s interesting to me that these phone calls were one part of our relationship that was not necessarily special at the time, but now I can’t think of any grandchild-grandparent interaction that involved technology and always ended positively like ours would. ;P

The last piece of technology Grandmommy obtained was an iPad Air. She acquired it to replace her aging iPad 2 in order to engage her students with music learning apps. She was so excited to be able to record her students playing piano and give them feedback using Apps on her iPad. This iPad upgrade took place the weekend before she passed and I won’t forget how happy she was to stay current with technology.

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