Journey to Egypt

This video, Dancing on a Faluk, was when we were on an evening Faluk boat ride. It is an egyptian sailboat. That song is one that is a folksong which is sung all over Egypt cause we heard it everywhere we went.

This second video of Ellen Jayne in the Cairo Market was our last day in Egypt and we had gone to shop. She had just bought those little musical instruments to bring back as a gift to her grandchildren. She just broke out into playing them with our tour guide and dancing, people all around stopped what they were doing to watch. People even tried to give her money thinking that she was a street performer. As you know, Ellen Jayne was one of a kind.

You couldn’t be unhappy or have a bad day when in her presence or in earshot of her. Craig, Wyatt and I are so grateful that we have been so blessed to call your family, our family. We love you all so very much.

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