Grandma’s Pancakes

Anytime I spent the night at grandma’s house I always anticipated breakfast time. Although I wasn’t a fan of boiled eggs, I was a fan of the yummy pancakes grandma made. Not only did grandma make pancakes, but I got to help with the process. Grandma taught me little tricks when making pancakes, she always said to watch for the bubbles to pop up around the edge, and then you knew it was time to flip it. Breakfast was one of my favorite things to take part in at grandma’s house. She was always prepared to teach her grandchildren new things, and I was ready to learn about everything related to pancakes. Thank you grandma for teaching me how to make the perfect pancake, it will be used often and in loving memory of you.

One thought on “Grandma’s Pancakes

  1. You’ll have to teach me Grandmommy’s secret to perfect pancakes! I don’t know how, but I always seem to mess them up… Also, your sweet story reminds me of my Aunt Linda teaching me how to make perfect scrambled eggs at breakfast while staying with her. -Paige

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