Weathering a Pecos dirt storm with Ellen

We picked up Ellen at the Midland/Odessa airport and started to our high school reunion at Indian Lodge. A total brown-out dirt storm over took us in Pecos. After we pull off the highway, we could not see the ground next to our car. From time to time the dirt would let up a little and we could see the out line of cars on both sides of the highway. Cars were lined up in front back and back of us. Ellen, June and I would sing a while then we took turns praying. After an eternity, the storm let up and we drove to Indian Lodge.
Ellen stayed with us during the reunions in Granbury. We will never forget her boundless energy and love. Jerry Griffin

When I Was A Student in College

Soon after I became a college student, I found out the Ellen Jayne was a professor at the same university that I was attending, Oklahoma City University. My mother and I asked her what she was teaching, and she talked about the courses she taught. And we asked her about certain general education courses that students there have to take. I was impressed when I learned that she flies to Singapore to teach at the Singapore campus of OCU. About a month and a half ago, my mother asked her if she still travels to Singapore to teach. She said, “No, my days of flying there are over.” I’m fortunate and grateful to have known her.

A Nice Time At Her House

One day about 10 years ago a few fellow church members and I were at her house for some food and fellowship. I think we ate lunch and then we sang some songs while she played the piano. It was a nice time at her house that I now regret taking for granted. It’s times like these that remind us to appreciate the friends and relationships we have.

Journey to Egypt

This video, Dancing on a Faluk, was when we were on an evening Faluk boat ride. It is an egyptian sailboat. That song is one that is a folksong which is sung all over Egypt cause we heard it everywhere we went.

This second video of Ellen Jayne in the Cairo Market was our last day in Egypt and we had gone to shop. She had just bought those little musical instruments to bring back as a gift to her grandchildren. She just broke out into playing them with our tour guide and dancing, people all around stopped what they were doing to watch. People even tried to give her money thinking that she was a street performer. As you know, Ellen Jayne was one of a kind.

You couldn’t be unhappy or have a bad day when in her presence or in earshot of her. Craig, Wyatt and I are so grateful that we have been so blessed to call your family, our family. We love you all so very much.

One night at Pianists’ Club

Besides being an accomplished pianist, Ellen Jayne had a beautiful singing voice. Ellen Jayne was a longtime member of Pianists’ Club, even serving as its president for two years. Ellen had lost her husband Clyde the year before, so when she announced she would perform Schumann’s song cycle Frauenliebe und Leben (A Woman’s Loves and Life), the members were stunned because we knew the songs were about the happy and sad events in a married woman’s life. One song, in particular, dealt with the death of the husband.
But Ellen Jayne sang the song cycle beautifully, and was accompanied just as sensitively by Jeanne Clewell. How they were able not just to get through that moving music but to do it so well, when the rest of us were wiping our eyes and stifling sobs, is a testament to her love for Clyde and to her professionalism. She dedicated her performance to his memory on the first anniversary of his death. I’ll never forget that night.

Christian Womens Fellowship with Ellen Jayne

Ellen Jayne gave me many insights into living a Christian life. Through our shared studies and discussions, I came to know Ellen Jayne well. She hosted some of our meetings in her home, especially around Christmas. She loved the festivities and especially the singing around Christmas time. She was good at bringing people together. I especially remember the get together that she planned at Johnnies for all of the women of Crown Heights and we sat in birthday groups, getting to know those women, young and older, who we shared a birthday month with. It was marvelous and her organization and foresight were what made it so!

Ellen Jayne, the compassionate one

I have known Ellen Jayne for at least 45 years. I’ve always noticed how she inquires about all her friends, as to their health, their happiness, their latest goals. So many times as I would see her at Pianists Club meetings, COMTA meetings or OMTA State Conferences she would look me up and ask how I was feeling. If she couldn’t find me she would inquire of one person after another until she found out why I wasn’t there. My, how she would throw her heart and spirit into everything that was going on – always “present”, always involved. She loved my son immensely, Dr. Randall Schubert, who was her chiropractor and she let me know many times that he was her son, not mine. She was full of fun always.

And It Seems Like Yesterday……

My journey with Ellen Jayne started in the fall of 1950 when we both entered the 9th grade at Pecos High School along with 60-70 other fellow freshmen. We knew right away she would be one of the people who could be cheerful in spite of the problems except when it came to the unexpected messing up of the programs/menu for the Junior/Senior Prom. Oh, my. Almost every student in our school participated in football, band, marching pep squad or cheer leaders leading the cheering pep squad. And Ellen Jayne was right up in front of the band in our beloved purple and gold colors twirling and marching (and playing when she could). Many of us envied Ellen Jayne because she drove herself to school much of the time, and in later years, adventured all the way to Midland for voice and music lessons. Of course, we were also aware her mother worked so she could take the music lessons she so loved. (But tell that to a teenager). Ellen Jayne and I were both in the Pecos High School Girls Choir our freshman year, then on to the (first) mixed choir after that until graduation. She and I shared a trip (along with 2 of our male counterparts) our Junior year as members of the All-State Choir. It is difficult to graduate from high school and never see your close friends again except on occasion. I so enjoyed hearing about Ellen Jayne’s adventures and accomplishments through the grapevine or at our school reunions and Facebook. Our graduating class had one of those delightful relationships where we could pick up immediately where we left off some years ago. And I believe your Ellen Jayne continued to exhibit that love all of her life. We will miss her. Please know she was loved even so long ago.

Delpha Lauderdale Potter